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A facial or body treatment to regain soft and healthy skin, (almost) painless waxing with organic wax or simply escape from daily stress for a moment with a relaxing wellness massage... it's your choice!

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Prices 2023
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LPG® Endermology® Body

Our LPG Cellu M6® treatments allow you to reactivate the dormant cellular activity at the very center of your skin to fight against all unaesthetic appearances.
Endermology ID care
Your personal care: 1 to 8 zones 10min | 18 €
20min | 36 €
30min | 54 €
40min | 72 €
WOMEN: Arms, Back, Waist, Belly, Saddlebags, Buttocks, Thighs, Inner Thighs, Knees, Calves
MEN: Arms, Back, Chest, Waist, Belly, Thighs
Signature cares
Detox30min | 54 €
Activates circulatory exchanges to act on water retention and drain toxins: the skin is "re-oxygenated". For an immediate energizing effect and a feeling of lightness.
Relaxation30min | 54 €
Relaxes areas of muscular tension, eliminates stress and brings a deep sense of relaxation. For the balance of body and mind.
Endermopuncture50min | 90 €
Exceptional care acting at the same time on the adipocyte (slimming cell), the fibroblast (youth cell) and their environment for maximum effectiveness. Refines the shape of the body and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Personal assessment30 €
Endermology® body kit23 €

LPG® Endermology® Face

A true skin fitness, endermology® face awakens the natural synthesis of essential rejuvenating substances.
Care by zones
Your personalized care by zone 10min | 18 €
Forehead, anti-wrinkle look, dark circles look, mouth, double chin, oval, neck, neckline, hands

Classical cares
Radiance15min | 27 €
Gently exfoliates, stimulates microcirculation to even out the complexion and improve the skin's luminosity.
Detox20min | 36 €
Drains toxins and "reoxygenates" the skin for a purified and radiant complexion.
Neckline and bust25min | 45 €
Redensifies tissues, fills in wrinkles and firms the skin for a truly smooth neckline.
Anti-ageing, firming, refining30min | 54 €
Harmonizes the volumes of the face, restores density to the skin while filling in wrinkles and fine lines from the inside.

Signature cares
Anti-Aging Renovator40min | 72 €
Unifies the complexion, tightens pores and smoothes wrinkles on the face and neck for a true new skin effect.
Cellular Regeneration75min | 135 €
Drains toxins, brightens the complexion, refines the skin texture while filling in wrinkles on the face, neck and hands.
Sublime Eyes and Lips40min | 72 €
Reduces puffiness and dark circles, fills in wrinkles around the eyes and enhances the eyelids to open the eyes.

Personal assessment30 €
Endermology® face kit14 €

Facial care

Our products with marine active ingredients of exceptional quality bring you immediate results while preserving your comfort and well-being.
Make-up removal, scrub, mask, cream
Purifying30min | 35 €
Rebalances and fights against skin imperfections.
Burst of radiance30min | 35 €
Cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin in depth.
Anti-aging with caviar30min | 35 €
Revitalizes and regenerates the skin.
Complete and customized(1)
Make-up removal, scrubbing, vapozone, eyebrow waxing, modeling, mask, cream
Purifying care60min | 65 €
Intended for young, mixed and oily skins, this care balances seborrhea, tightens and refines the skin texture. The skin is healthy, hydrated and protected.
Soothing care for dry and sensitive skin60min | 65 €
Combining Acerola and Aloe extract, this care provides instant comfort and evens out the complexion. The skin is soothed, nourished and perfectly hydrated.
The Hydra-Pro60min | 65 €
Enriched with hyaluronic acid, it revitalizes and stimulates cellular activity. Your skin is intensely moisturized, nourished and plumped up. It glows with new health!
Regenerating anti-aging care60min | 70 €
This care revitalizes, regenerates and unifies the complexion. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, the skin is firm and intensely moisturized.
Lifting Care60min | 70 €
Intended for mature skin, this care enriched with hyaluronic acid and blue algae, visibly tightens the facial features. It effectively firms and redefines the oval of the face. The skin is relaxed and perfectly smoothed, a tightening effect guaranteed!

Our little beauty extras
To be performed during the facial care.
Eye and lip care supplement8 €
Anti-wrinkle and anti-puffiness. It helps to reduce wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness and promotes tissue firming.
Beauty supplement for legs8 €
Relieves the sensation of heavy legs. It stimulates circulation, decongests and relaxes tired legs for a feeling of freshness and lightness.

Luxury Hair removal

Reconcile yourself with hair removal by adopting our innovative reverse method, which reduces ingrown hairs.


Eyebrows Thread technique12 €
Eyebrow maintenance10 €
Lips / Nose / Chin / Cheeks8 €
Full face25 €

Upper body
Armpits12 €
Half arms16 €
Arms21 €
Bust25 €
Breast aureoles12 €
Belly17 €
Half legs / Thighs21 €
¾ legs23 €
Full legs35 €

Private parts
Classic bikini14 €
Brazilian bikini18 €
Semi-integral bikini23 €
Integral bikini29 €
Full buttocks25 €
Intergluteal fold8 €


Eyebrows Thread technique14 €
Eyebrow maintainance12 €
Ears / Nose / Palms / Neck9 €
Full face32 €

Upper body
Armpits15 €
Half arms20 €
Arms29 €
Shoulders18 €
Back29 €
Torso20 €
Belly20 €
Half legs / Thighs25 €
¾ legs27 €
Full legs37 €

Private parts
Classic bikini18 €
Semi-integral bikini29 €
Full bikini31 €
Full buttocks27 €
Intergluteal fold12 €
The classic hair removal (with strips) prices are available on request.

Body care & Massages

A beautician passionate about well-being care will make you live a precious moment to feel deeply well.
Moments of purity
Back / Bust or Leg Scrub15min | 20 €
Full Body Scrub30min | 33 €
Sweet? With sugar crystals and honey
Salty? With Mediterranean salt
All our scrubs are followed by the application of an oil, a balm or a milk to perfect your skin.
Back wellness45min | 47 €
Cleansing, scrubbing, modeling, mask, cream at the end of the care.
Benefits: release tension, relieve aches and pains, oxygenate the body, let new energies circulate and improve sleep.

Precious moments
Relaxing back massage30min | 35 €
A massage targeting the back, neck and shoulder blades. It can be customized according to your areas of tension. This care releases the stress of everyday life for a deep well-being and relaxation.
Leg beauty30min | 35 €
Heavy legs? This massage from the waist to the toes, aims to stimulate the circulation and gives you a feeling of comfort and lightness.
Relaxing body massage "Thalac Signature" 45min | 55 €
60min | 65 €
80min | 85 €
Bring relaxation, release and well-being. You will choose the oil of modelling, according to your desire and your needs of the moment.
The Californian 45min | 55 €
60min | 65 €
Restful and sensual, this massage is a true art of touch. Back, stomach, neck, the movements are slow, caressing, tender to give you an infinite feeling of release.
The Hawaiian "Lomi-Lomi" 60min | 65 €
80min | 85 €
Created by a master of the art, a Kahuna, in the spirit of purification and regeneration. It is given with the hands, forearms, fingertips, elbows and finger joints... It feels like a dance, graceful, constantly moving. A real liberation for the body and the heart!
Foot Reflexology 30min | 35 €
45min | 50 €
This Chinese practice originating from alternative medicine, allows to act on the tensions of the body through the reflex zones of the feet. Surprising interaction between precise points of the arch of the foot and the vital functions. This technique activates the lymphatic system and relaxes the muscles.
The Abhyanga60min | 65 €
Originating from India, dating back several millennia, this massage is a real care of inner beauty, each point of your body is treated. The alternating rhythm facilitates the process of letting go and brings a lot of serenity.
The Balinese60min | 65 €
Ancestral practice from Bali. The movements applied: kneading, effleurage, palpating-rolling, percussion, digitopuncture, aim to combine softness, relaxation, tone and energy. Your body is boosted and your skin softened.
The Swedish 45min | 55 €
60min | 65 €
Consists in manipulating the soft tissues of the body by: effleurage, kneading, treading, friction, pressure, percussion, vibration, drainage. Recommended for relieving aches and pains and restoring muscle elasticity, tone and flexibility.

The Stopovers
Gourmand Stopover45min | 50 €
Back scrub with sugar crystals and honey followed by a relaxing back massage.
Mediterranean stopover60min | 70 €
Back/bust or leg scrub with Mediterranean salt followed by a relaxing "Thalac Signature" massage of 45 minutes.
The Rituals
Ayurvedic ritual90min | 90 €
Sweet body scrub followed by an invigorating Indian massage.
Balinese ritual90min | 90 €
Salt body scrub followed by a Balinese massage.
Polynesian ritual90min | 90 €
Sweet body scrub followed by a Hawaiian massage.

The Packages
Parenthese Beauty Package90min | 90 €
Complete facial care of your choice
Back or leg massage
Plenitude Package2h15 | 135 €
Complete facial care of your choice
Back/bust or leg scrub
Massage 60 minutes of your choice
Calysta Package (2)185 €
Hair removal ½ legs, armpits and eyebrows
Complete facial care of your choice
Body massage 60 minutes of your choice
Manicure with gel or semi-permanent varnish
Honeymoon package (3)280 €
Hair removal ½ legs, armpits and eyebrows
Complete facial care of your choice
Full body scrub of your choice
Body massage of 60 minutes of your choice
Simple manicure with gel application (or filling)
Foot beauty with gel application (or filling)
Exclusive slimming care (4)
Flat Belly Firming40min | 45 €
It has a double action:
Firming action: smoothes the stomach and restores its tone and firmness
Slimming action: refines the waist and makes the stomach flatter.
Slimming Waist & Hips40min | 45 €
This care remodels the hips and buttocks, helps to reduce rebellious curves and diminishes the "orange peel" aspect.
Slimming body wrap60min | 60 €
This care with fucus extract and menthol is a slimming wrap with centimeter loss. It reduces the appearance of cellulite for visible results from the first session.
Marine Slimming60min | 55 €
The body care refines the silhouette, reduces the "orange peel" aspect and eliminates waste and toxins.

Beauty of the eyes

Discover our eyebrow and lash dyes for a perfect look!
Eyebrow Restructuring35min | 33 €
Tracing, Hair Removal and Henna
Eyebrow dyeing15min | 12 €
Vegetal Henna Eyebrow Dye20min | 20 €
more durable
Eyelash Dyeing15min | 12 €
Eyelash Dyeing + Lashes22 €

Eyelash enhancement & extension

Whether you have few or enough lashes, there is a technique for a "doe eye"!
Russian Volume Complete 120 €
Russian Volume Filling60 €
3 to 4 weeks
Lash to Lash Extension80 €
Lash to Lash Maintenance45 €
3 weeks
Lash enhancement37 €
Enhancement + Dye Pack42 €

Manicure & Pedicure

Your nails will be your charm, our manicure and pedicure care will give you an incomparable softness.
Gel application with extension52 €
Chablon or capsules
Gel application on natural nails42 €
Gel maintenance42 €
Semi-permanent (SP) varnish31 €
SP Varnish Fantasy34 €
Manicure + varnish29 €
Hands care39 €
Scrub, manicure, massage, mask, cream
Parrafine care24 €
Restores softness and deep hydration to your hands
Varnish application9 €
Repair (per nail)4 €
Gel removal14 €
Semi-permanent varnish30 €
Varnish application9 €
Nail beauty + varnish29 €
Foot care37 €
Scrubbing, foot beauty, massage, mask, cream
Calluspeeling® care37 €
Parrafine care24 €
For immediate softness and comfort after just one session!
Gel or SP varnish removal14 €

Permanent makeup

The absolute trend to enhance your beauty without wearing makeup!
Electrical technique of creation and/or correction in semi-permanent make-up
Eyebrows250 €
Powdered or hair to hair
Eyeliner140 €
Fine Up or Down
Eyeliner200 €
Eyelash Densification120 €
Close to lashes
Contour Mouth260 €
Natural effect
Mouth Filling320 €
Touch up- 50 %
before 18 months
Old tattooon quote
Détatouageon quote
Treatment of alterations (fine lines, complexion, scars, spots...)on quote

Bio-Photomodulation LED
By itself or as a complement to facials or microneedling, a panel of four lights resonates directly with the cells and helps tone and rehydrate the skin, tighten pores and improve the complexion.20min | 15 €

Ear piercing & Beauty Extras +++

Absolute hygiene, painless, German quality!
Ear Piercing49 €
+ kit with curls and specific healing lotion
Swarovski® dental rhinestone20 €
(1) Recommended for a minimum of 3 sessions
(2) The Calysta package is available in 2 sessions.
(3) The Honeymoon Package is available in 3 sessions maximum.
(4) Recommended as a cure (2 sessions/week) for an optimal result
Personalized quote included

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